Going Green

The CBMC Group realizes the importance of operating in such a way that causes minimal harm to the environment and the communities we serve. At CBMC, we believe in these principles and understand the need for a more sustainably built environment. The only way to successfully contribute to this cause, was to embrace and adopt practices that effectively support the EPA’s goal of reducing environmental and health impacts caused by building related products.

Enhancing our commitment to green sustainability, The CBMC Group is accredited and certified by the Green Business Bureau (GBB) as an environmentally responsible business. Our dedication to the overall “Going Green” initiative, we at CBMC have reached the GBB”s Green Platinum Tier, by continuously adopting principles and practices that demonstrate a superior commitment to conserving the environment.

We believe that sustainability is an essential aspect of our work and therefore, The CBMC Group is proud to contribute to making the environment a healthier place for our customers, employees, and community.