In The 1898

Company Founded

Atlantic Window Cleaning Company {Atlantic}, a family business was founded by Bernard Francis providing window cleaning services in Downtown Newark, New Jersey.

In The 1899

First Employee Hired

Atlantic’s first “Store Front” office was opened on Mulberry Street. Bernard hired his first employee.

In The 1900′s

Atlantic Incorporated

Atlantic was incorporated in the State of New Jersey.

In The 1910′s

The Handshake Contract

While the ‘Handshake Contract’ was still prevalent, Bernard signed his first written contract.

In The 1920′s

Atlantic’s relocation

Atlantic moved from Mulberry Street to Market Street in Newark, New Jersey.

In The 1930′s

Great Depression Survivor

Even with the Great Depression, business was not curtailed, but growth was slow.

In The 1940′s

World War II Return

Irwin S. Francis, son of Bernard, entered the enterprise after returning from World War II.

In The 1948

Establishment of All State Cleaning Contractors (ASCC)

As Vice President, Irwin established another corporation, All State Cleaning Contractors, to provide janitorial building maintenance services as a compliment to Atlantic’s window cleaning customers.

In The 1950′s

First Building Bought

ASCC relocated from Market Street to Frelinghuysen Avenue, where Irwin bought a building and warehouse.

In The 1960′s

New Jersey Footprints

Both companies’ focus on all related building services and expanding their ‘footprints’ throughout New Jersey. All State began servicing auto plants, aerospace facilities, industrial, retail and commercial entities.

In The 1970′s

ABMC Was Established

Irwin’s youngest son, Eric S. Francis, established Atlantic Building Maintenance Corporation (ABMC).

In The 1980′s

Name Change

Eric moved ABMC to the Washington, DC metro area, and changed the name to CBMC – an all inclusive, comprehensive building services corporation rooted on the proud lineage of his predecessors. Howard S. Abramson joins the company as an Executive.

In The 1990′s


CBMC focused on the expansion throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

In The 2000′s

CBMC Develops Concierge

While focused primarily throughout the East Coast, CBMC grows to maintain and develop Concierge, Patrol and Security services in other states and localities across the United States.

In The Year 2010

The CBMC Group is Established

Establishment of “The CBMC Group” to include CBMC, White House Concierge, White House Patrol & Security. The CBMC Group continues and remains committed to complete customer satisfaction.

In The Year 2015


The CBMC Group expands their territory to three new states.