A janitorial, concierge and patrol company has no physical product. We are judged entirely by the service we provide. In such an environment, performance standards must not only be established and met. They must be surpassed. Our success is dictated by this core principle, one which has been solidified in our over 100 years in this industry.

Though National in scope, The CBMC Group’s portfolio is comprised of over 1000 residential, corporate, commercial and retail properties with substantial operations in – Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Florida and other large metropolitan areas.

We are a one-stop source for all janitorial, concierge and patrol needs in regards to cleaning solutions, personalized services and proactive unarmed security.

Our Professionals


Eric S. Francis

Chairman & CEO

Eric S. Francis shares in his family’s legacy of early training in the janitorial building maintenance field. Like his father and grandfather, who founded the organization in 1898. Mr. Francis has been active in the cleaning industry most of his adult life. He spent his high school and college summers working first as a porter and floor waxer, then supervisor, and later in marketing.

Mr. Francis graduated from the University of Maryland with honors in just 2 ½ years. After obtaining his law degree from Villanova University School of Law, he served as an attorney with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, in Washington, DC. Later he returned to his family’s business as its President, was instrumental in guiding the company to its growth position, prior to a partial international divestiture in 1984.

In 1982 however, along with the nuclear company Mr. Francis established what was soon to become The CBMC Group. As Chief Executive Officer, he has been a driving force behind the company’s success ever since.

The CBMC Group’s century long performance has enabled Mr. Francis and others in the group to dedicate time, talent and resources to philanthropic activities, local, regional and national in scope. He like the rest of the group believes that individual and corporate success requires giving back to our community.

As CEO, Mr. Francis has been instrumental in guiding the company to its current growth position, largely through customer retention and the obtaining of “off-spring” accounts merited through actual performance.

Despite The CBMC Group’s growth in size and scope, he remains vigilant in ensuring that the corporate motto is the corporate philosophy, “Your Needs are a Capital concern.” He makes sure that each team member at The CBMC Group believes this too.


Howard S. Abramson

CPA, Executive Vice President & CFO

Howard S. Abramson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business & Accounting from the University of Baltimore and has received many scholastic and professional awards and certificates of commendation. Prior to joining the management team at The CBMC Group, Howard functioned as a CPA with one of the most prestigious accounting firms in our nation’s Capitol.
 As Chief Financial Officer, Howard helps make our services meet the quite legitimate budgetary needs of our customers without adversely affecting their service requirements. He frequently tailors budgetary limitations into a program which is financially sound. When necessary, he visits with many of our prospective customers in order to demonstrate these cost efficiencies which can prove to be mutually beneficial.
As Executive Vice President, Howard is responsible for administering all day-to-day activities. His extensive managerial and professional background, combined with his highly refined interpersonal skills, make him ideally suited for his position. Additionally, the financial department which Howard manages, combines professional, trained, and experience personnel with the most up-to-date computer systems and affiliated office equipment. Still, his department has not lost the personal touch so respected by and refreshing to our customers.
Today, Howard is even more committed to the basic operating premises established at The CBMC Group from the outset. He understands that consistent quality service and customer satisfaction are the result of total commitment and untiring dedication.


Roxanne Paul

Director of Marketing & Executive Administrator

Roxanne Paul joined The CBMC Group in 2004. In 2013 she was named Director of Marketing & Executive Administrator. Ms. Paul oversees development of effective branded marketing relations, programs and channels. Spearheading initiatives to help The CBMC Group meet its strategic goals. She oversees business marketing development, corporate communications activities and maintains relationships with industry influencers and key strategic partners.

Ms. Paul manages the day to day affairs of the office environment, conducts corporate training to develop and control sales and marketing programs and works directly with those parties to ensure the brand is aligned with the corporation’s overall mission. She works to enhance client relationship management processes and technologies, reviewing operating practices and implements improvements where necessary.

Ms. Paul earned her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Business Administration from The University of Maryland, University College.


James Sanders

Controller & Director of Accounting

James Sanders joined The CBMC Group twenty seven years ago, and possesses more than forty-two years of expertise in accounting. His vast skill set serve as a basis to provide proficiency to The CBMC Group with various auditing and accounting needs including Controller Services, assessment, internal controls, audit and accounting procedures, receivable, payables, payroll, financial statement presentation and the set-up and maintenance of general ledger accounting systems. A New Jersey native, Mr. Sanders moved to Washington, D.C., to attend Howard University.


Adrienne B. Middleton

Accounts Payable & Billing Director

Adrienne Middleton joined The CBMC Group in 2006, and is the Billing & Accounts Payable Director. Middleton is responsible for receiving and verifying invoices and requisitions for goods and services, answers any billing inquiries from clients and processes related changes. She generates reports and invoices for distribution and maintains general ledgers for the corporation. Middleton has attained her Bachelor’s of Science in Finance & Accounting from the University of Maryland, and plans to pursue her Master’s Degree in Finance.

Teresa Adames

Teresa Adames

Executive Office Administrative Assistant

Teresa Adames joined The CBMC Group in 2013 and manages the Administrative duties of our CFO & V.P., Howard S. Abramson. Adames’ experience, enthusiasm, optimism and skill level, allows her to efficiently maintain the overall support required by Executives and the administrative efforts of the corporation. Adames joined to The CBMC Group over five years ago.


Alnika Webber


Alnika Webber became a member of The CBMC Group in 2015 as the Receptionist to our headquarters. Alnika has a background of Customer Service in various industries and is currently in pursuit of her Degree in Business Administration. In her role, she is the first point of contact as well as a representation of our company’s awesome standards. Alnika also serves as an office assistant to the CBMC Group, ensuring internal details, such as, ordering supplies, file organization, and requesting maintenance service, as well as any other duties that may be requested.


Larry Jones

Warehouse Manager

Larry Jones joined The CBMC Group 25 years ago. With his extensive experience, Jones provides equipment and supplies management, directing and maintaining receiving, warehousing and distribution of materials. He coordinates and enforces our operational warehousing program and policies. Jones is responsible for safeguarding of The CBMC Group’s premises operations and its contents by monitoring procedures and protocols. He maintains the physical condition, inspecting equipment, issuing work orders and requisitions for replacement and appraising job results. Jones contributes to the overall team effort, by accomplishing related results as needed. He controls inventory levels by conducting physical counts; reconciling with data storage systems.