White House Concierge (WHC), a Division of The CBMC


White House Concierge, a division of CBMC Capital Building Maintenance Corporation, shares over a century long tradition by providing complete concierge and related services. White House Concierge (WHC) is dedicated to the consistent delivery of quality in all aspects of our operation.

Broadening the scope of a traditional concierge company, we are re-defining the industry by offering our valued clients our signature Amenities Management Services. WHC offers both Residential and Corporate services, which will be tailored to your precise needs.

A concierge who is located in a residential building offers a highly personalized level of service to year-round residents. From accepting package deliveries, to arranging for drop- offs, dry cleaning pick –up and delivery, or just being the first to welcome guests to the property. Additionally, our residential concierge staff members are masterful at partnering with property management in not only handling the most intimate details of tenants’ lives, but also maintaining the day-to-day needs of the property in a seamless and professional manner.

Our corporate concierge services easily help property managers and tenants navigate the daily details involved in managing the day to day activities of the facility. In addition to the value added benefits to clients and employees, our staff is able to offer corporate concierge programs that can be easily transitioned into your organization.

White House Concierge is committed to redefining and employing unique customer service programs and offering team players with emphasized importance on discretion and integrity, tact and diplomacy.